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Partners in the DRS

The  Department of Radiation Sciences consists of four partners:

Institute of Radiation Biology

Director: Prof. Dr. Mike Atkinson
The institute of Radiation Biology focuses on understanding the effects of low dose radiation exposure and on studies to increase the effectiveness and specificity of tumour radiotherapy.
The institute comprises the working groups

  • Genetic Susceptibility and Radiation-induced Cancer
  • Non-cancer Effects of Low Dose Radiation
  • Experimental Radiotherapy
  • Radiation Oncology

Homepage of the Institute of Radiation Biology

Institute of Radiation Protection

Acting director: Dr. Peter Jacob
The Institute of Radiation Protection focuses on the measurement and evaluation of exposure to ionizing radiation from natural and artificial sources, analysis of related risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and the education in radiation protection.
The institute comprises the working groups

  • Experimental Radioecology
  • Radioecological Modelling and Retrospective Dosimetry
  • Individual Dosimetry
  • Radiation Risk
  • Radiation Biophysics
  • Education and Training

Homepage of the Institute of Radiation Protection

Research Unit Medical Radiation Physics and Diagnostics

Director: Prof. Dr. Christoph Hoeschen
The AMSD helps - on the basis of high quality research - to protect mankind against ionising radiation, in particular that caused by humans in radiology and nuclear medicine. Hence, the mission of the AMSD is to face one of the great challenges of radiation protection, i.e. the reduction of man-made exposures to ionising radiation.

The research unit comprises the working groups

  • Biokinetics and Radiation Driven Molecular Medicine
  • Dose Reduction in Medical Diagnostics

Homepage of the Research Unit Medical Radiation Physics and Diagnostic

Research Unit Radiation Cytogenetics

Director: Prof. Dr. Horst Zitzelsberger
The aims of the research unit are to elucidate molecular mechanisms in radiation carcinogenesis and to characterize cytogenetic alterations associated to radiation sensitivity of tumor cells.
The research unit is organised into three research groups:

  • Radiocarcinogenesis
  • Radiation Sensitivity
  • Integrative Biology

Homepage of the Research Unit Radiation Cytogenetics


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