Fungal & Microbial Genomics

Beside our current projects, we maintain resources from former work. Please note that the GenRE interface is retired and decommissioned. To access and search the data follow the links to the Pedant and GBrowse resources:

FGDB - MIPS Fusarium graminearum Genome DataBase

MUMDB – MIPS Ustilago maydis DataBase

MSRDB – MIPS Sporisorium reilianum DataBase

MUHDB - MIPS Ustilago hordei DataBase

MNCDB - MIPS Neurospora crassa DataBase

CYGD - The MIPS Comprehensive Yeast Genome DataBase

We process further fungal genome data with optional de-novo gene calling. The PEDANT system provides a convenient interface to make these data accessible:

PEDANT  analysis of fungal genomes

Recent genome analysis:

Zygosaccharomyces bailii ISA1307 DNA Research

Claviceps purpurea 20.1 Plos Genet 2013

Fusarium fujikuroi IMI 58289 Plos Pathogens

The functional classification of protein sets can also be accessed through the FunCatDB.