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Completed dissertations (2003 – today)

  • 2012:
    Jianwei Gu
    "Characterization and sources of ambient particles in Augsburg, Germany"

    Astrid Zierer
    "Multiples Testen und die Kontrolle der gFWER in der statistischen Analse genetischer Daten"

    Liqun Liu
    "Health effects of air pollution and meteorology: Association with cardiovascular disease in Beijing"

  • 2011:
    Katrin Burkart
    "Bioclimate and health in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh – short- and long-term effects of atmospheric thermal conditions on human mortality"

    Regina Hampel
    "Environmental effects and gene-environment interactions: Air pollution and temperature effects on cardiovascular health"

  • 2010:
    Mike Pitz
    "Validierung und Analyse von innovativen Parametern zur kontinuierlichen Charakterisierung von feinen und ultrafeinen Partikeln für epidemiologische Studien"

    Ulla Kandler
    "Long-term mortality after first Acute Myocardial Infarction in the light of changing therapeutig guidelines and diagrnostic criteria between 1995 and 2003: Analysis of the MONICA/KORA Coronary Event Registry, Augsburg, Southern Germany"

    Regina Rückerl
    "Determinants of the acute phase protein CRP in myocardial infarction survivors: The role of co-morbidities and environmental factors"

  • 2009:
    Jaana Halonen
    "Acute cardiorespiratory health effects of size-segregated ambient particulate air pollution and ozone"

    Kathrin Wolf

    "The influence of air pollutants and temperature on the occurrence of myocardial infarctions and coronary deaths"

  • 2007:
    Susanne Breitner

    "Time-varying coefficient models and measurement error"

    Sonja Greven
    "Non-Standard Problems in Inference for Additive and Linear Mixed Models"

  • 2005:
    Stephanie von Klot

    "Individual activities as triggers of acute myocardial infarction - The role of strenuous exertion"

  • 2004:
    Angela Ibald-Mulli
    "Short-term Effects of Particulate Air Pollution in Ambient Air on Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease"

  • 2003:
    Matthias Stölzel

    "Quellen von Feinstaubpartikeln in Erfurt sowie ihre gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen"