The EUREKA project on the transport and chemical transformation of trace constituents in the troposphere over Europe; second phase

EUREKA project 1489

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NEWS (Final update December 01, 2004):

The excellence of EUROTRAC-2 and its outstanding contribution to environmental protection in Europe have been recognised by EUREKA, which has chosen the project for the 2004 Lillehammer Award. The award ceremony took place during the EUREKA Ministerial Conference in Paris on June 18th 2004 [Link to EUREKA Awards; see also GSF press release]. We thank all the hundreds of scientists throughout Europe whose hard work and excellent performance made this achievement possible.
It was decided to put the prize money of EURO 10.000 back into the scientific community that earned it by creating a EUROTRAC-2 Young Scientist Award to recognise the best young researchers who were actively engaged in the project. We are pleased to announce that the winners of this one time only award (in alphabetical order) are:

Lise Marie Frohn, National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), Denmark
Christian George, CNRS-LACE, Villeurbanne, France
Paul Monks, University of Leicester, UK
Eiko Nemitz, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), Edinburgh, UK
Andreas Stohl, now at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), Norway

The end of an era: the work of EUROTRAC-2 has come to an end and the International Scientific Secretariat has now closed [-> open ISS letter in new window]. Please note that the email address is no longer in operation.
EUROTRAC-2 Presentation of Final Results, Berlin, March 18/19, 2003 [-> link to website; NEW: Flashback].
Synthesis and Integration (S&I) Report and a short Summary have been published [-> link].
Subproject Final Reports: book containing overviews has been published [-> link to download area] as well as Final Reports for individual subprojects [see Publications].
ACCENT: EC Network of Excellence (NoE) with EUROTRAC-2 participation has been approved under FP6.

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