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EFMI WG LIFOSS Libre/free and open source software in health informatics

last update : July 2012


The EFMI Working Group LIFOSS membership is open to everyone who agrees to the WG's objectives, tries to actively participate and references to the WG whenever applicable.

For the enhancement of the communication between the members the EFMI LIFOSS WG now has a established a Google Group account.
If you would like to become a member you are kindly invited to register to this group (http://groups.google.com/group/efmi-lifoss-wg)

1. to help replicate the success of free/libre and open source projects in the health informatics domain, in particular those within education, research, clinical practice and administration
2. to build a repository of knowledge about free/libre and open source developments of relevance to the health informatics domain
3. to develop an Open Source Market Place
4. to develop a website for the WG
5. to explore the implications of digital rights management, digital signatures, copyright and intellectual property issues
6. to develop the epistemological democracy leading to research publications
7. to liaise with and explore implications of EUROREC

The EFMI LIFOSS WG aims to promote:
1. evaluation of free/libre and open source materials and approaches
2. exploration and development of open standards
3. use of free/libre and open source systems, and knowledge transfer about these systems
4. a European focus, including activities aimed at, but not exclusive to, the European Union

Recent Activities:

  • Workshop at MIE2011 in Oslo: Common Infrastructure Software for eHealth, Telemedicine and Ambient Assisted Living based on Open Source Software
    The workshop was held in a tutorial style. After a short introduction to the EFMI LIFOSS WG and the Ambient Assisted Living Open Association (AALOA) given by Thomas Karopka the BRAID project has been presented by Dr. Liz Cummings followed by a tutorial about the universAAL tools given by Dr. Erlend Stav. The workshop proceeded with a discussion in a panel style to engage the audience. The workshop has been attended by around 25 people and the discussion has been very fruitful. It has been noted that EFMI does not have a working group dedicated to AAL. EFMI LIFOSS WG will continue the close cooperation with AALOA.
  • 5th IWEEE in Granada, Spain (http://www.iweee.org/2012-granada/)
    The International Workshop on e-Health in Emerging Economies - IWEEE - is a biannual meeting held in Europe and in Latin America. Because of their geographical locations, Spain links Africa, Europe and the Americas, while Brazil concentrates on the Latin America reality. EFMI LIFOSS WG has been active in co-organizing this workshop series in the European Edition. At the 5th edition
  • Thomas Karopka gave a talk about Health Informatics for Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Free Software in Health Care (http://www.iweee.org/presentations/2012-granada/Karopka_IWEEE_2012.pdf
  • Etienne Saliez gave a presentation with the title „Problem Oriented Multidisciplinary Care and Informatics Object Model in low resources and Open source environments“ (http://www.chos-wg.eu/IWEEE/IWEEE-2012/index.html)
  • Future Activities:

  • Seminar at STC2012 in Moscow “Open Source for Quality Health Care”
    The seminar "Open Source Solutions for more Quality in Health Care" at STC2012 will provide an overview on open source software, open resources and solutions in health care. It is took part on 18 April 2012 also as part of EFMI presentation at the MedSoft fair (http://www.armit.ru/medsoft/2012/).
    Beside a general introduction it presented major, well-established software projects and summarised existing initiatives to support and promote its use. Natural to the characteristics of its subject, the seminar was collaboratively held asking also the audience to join the discussion, suggest the focus interested in and propose ways to start a partnership for modernisation of health care practice in Europe. An additional session during STC2012 will give more insight in LIFOSS.
  • 3rd FLOSS track at Med-e-Tel 2012 “Benefits of open source software in health care (20th of April 2012, Luxembourg) (http://www.medetel.lu/index.php?rub=educational_program&page=benefits_of_open_source_software_in_health_care_2012)
    After two very successful editions at Med-e-Tel 2010 and Med-e-Tel 2011, the Free/Libre Open Source Software in Health Care (FLOSS-HC) track 2012 will be once again held at Med-e-Tel. Now in its 3rd edition, the FLOSS-HC track at Med-e-Tel has become one of the leading European events bringing together FLOSS-HC developers, service providers and users from all over the world to cross-fertilize open technological, business and social initiatives to shape the future of open health care systems.
    Co-organized by the European Federation for Medical Informatics Free/Libre Open Source Working Group (EFMI LIFOSS WG), the International Medical Informatics Association Open Source Working Group (IMIA OS WG) and the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), it offers a well established platform for collaboration, experience exchange and a unique opportunity to foster prospective thinking towards open, collaboratively developed systems in health care.
  • Workshop at MIE2012 in Pisa together with EFMI EDU WG: Free/Libre Open Source Software in Medical Informatics Research and Education
    This workshop is intended to show the potential of Free/Libre Open Source Software in education. The workshop will provide hands-on experience from researchers and academics using FLOSS in medical informatics education as well as in their scientific. Special attention will be given to the question of how to transfer research results from academia into sustainable projects or products in the market. Another focus will be on the use of FLOSS in teaching medical informatics concepts.
  • EFMI LIFOSS WG meeting at MIE2012 in Pisa
    Open working group meeting.
  • FLOSS track at Med-e-Tel 2013, 10-12 April 2013
  • EFMI LIFOSS WG plans to organize a workshop/session at MEDINFO2013 and at STC2013
  • EFMI LIFOSS WG is interested to cooperate with other WGs to explore the use of open source software in different fields (e.g. joint workshops etc.)
  • Chair:
    Thomas Karopka
    BiioCon Valley GmbH
    Walther-Rathenau-Sr. 49a
    17489 Greifswald
    Fon: +493834515303


    ICIMTH 2014 Athens


    The International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare supported by the European Federation for Medical Informatics will take place from
    10-13 July in Athens.
    For more information about the conference topics and the program please refer to the
    Conference Website

    MIE 2014 Istanbul

    The 25th International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics will be held in
    Istanbul, Turkey
    from the
    31.August-03.September 2014

    The Scientific Programme Committee welcomes your contributions for MIE 2014. For more information please refer to the conference website:
    MIE 2014 - Istanbul

    Past MIE & STC Conferences

    Pisa, Italy 2012
    Oslo, Norway 2011
    Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2009
    Gothenborg, Sweden 2008
    Maastricht, Netherlands 2006
    Geneva, Switzerland 2005
    Saint Malo, France 2003
    Budapest, Hungary 2002
    Hanover, Germany 2000
    Ljubljana, Slovenia 1999
    Thessalonica, Greece 1997
    Copenhagen, Denmark 1996
    Lisbon, Portugal 1994
    Jerusalem, Israel 1993
    Vienna, Austria 1991
    Glasgow, Scotland 1990
    Oslo, Norway 1988
    Rome, Italy 1987
    Helsinki, Finland 1985
    Brussels, Belgium 1984
    Dublin, Ireland 1982
    Toulouse, France 1981
    Berlin, Germany 1979
    Cambridge, UK 1978
    Special Topic Conferences
    2013, Prague, Czech Republic
    2012, Moscow, Russia
    2011, Lasko, Slovenia
    2010, Reykjavik, Iceland
    2009, Antalya, Turkey
    2008, London, UK
    2007, Brijuni island, Croatia
    2006, Timisoara, Romania
    2005, Athens, Greece
    2004, Munich, Germany
    2003, Rome, Italy
    2002, Nicosia, Cyprus
    2001, Bucharest, Romania
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