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WG EDU Working Group Education in Health Informatics
EFMI European Federation for Medical Informatics

Last update: July 2012


  • To disseminate and exchange information on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BMHI) programs and courses.
  • To advance the knowledge of how BMHI is taught to health care professionals, to students in Europe
  • To promote a database on programs and courses on BMHI education
  • To produce international recommendations on BMHI education
  • To support BMHI courses and exchange of students and teachers.

Recent and Future Activities:

  • Publication of further editions of Globalization of Health Informatics Education, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Edited by: E.J.S. Hovenga and J. Mantas, 276 pp., IOS Press, 2004.
  • Publication of the revised version of Educational Recommendations of IMIA. J. Mantas et al. Methods Inf Med. 2010 Jan 7; 49(2): 105-120. It was prepared by the Task Force chaired by the EFMI WG Chair on Education.
  • Cooperation for the accreditation process initiated by IMIA of programs across Europe. First program that has been accredited is MSc in Health Informatics of the University of Eastern Finland.
  • Collection of data to update the database of programmes and courses on the WG website.
  • Successful proposal under Marie Curie call of EU. Involves University of Athens, Technical University of Madrid and Institutions from Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. Aim is to promote and establish Biomedical and Health Informatics programs and exchange of scientists in the field.
  • Support to expand BMHI programmes in countries of Eastern Europe through TEMPUS initiatives (application pending).
  • A work will be initiated and coordinated to provide meta-analysis of the implementation of the educational recommendations in the universities in Europe >

    Past Activities:

    • An EFMI Special Topic Conference was held in Athens on 19-20 March 2005 according to the decision taken during the EFMI Council meeting in Munich. The main theme was Health Informatics Applications - Educational Aspects
    • Members of EFMI WG on Education have participated in the publication of the book titled “Global Health Informatics Education” edited by E. Hovenga and J. Mantas, published by IOS Press, Amsterdam 2004.
    • During the MEDINFO Conference 2004 a joint workshop (IMIA and EFMI) will be organized to accommodate educational issues. A database collecting educational material across Europe will be developed and tested. The purpose of it is to collect and distribute freely material for educational purposes to educational institutions in Europe facilitating the idea of Education in Health Informatics. Also the process of updating of the educational material developed by the IT Eductra and Nightingale projects will be initiated.
    • The last activities of WG6 were organized in San Malo, 2003. In San Malo during MIE2003 a formal workshop was held. During the workshop presentations were made by a number of speakers in the area of Training and Education in Medical Informatics.
      The idea of building up a database collecting educational material across Europe has been accepted at the workshop. The purpose is to collect and distribute freely material for educational purposes to educational institutions in Europe facilitating the idea of Education in Health Informatics.
      Also it has been decided during the St. Malo Workshop that the educational material developed by the IT Eductra and Nightingale projects will be updated.
    • Educational issues have been discussed also during the ICICTH Conferences that was held in Samos Island 2003-2012. Panel participants included R. Engelbrecht, A. Hasman, R. Haux, and J. Mantas.

    For further information on the WG EDU please visit the website:

    Prof. John Mantas
    Health Informatics Laboratory
    Faculty of Nursing
    University of Athens
    123 Papadiamantopoulou Street,
    GR-11527 Athens, Greece.
    Tel: +30-210-7461459/60
    Fax: +30-210-7461461
    Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

    Prof. Arie Hasman
    Dept. of Medical Informatics
    Academic Medical Centre
    University of Amsterdam
    Meibergdreef 15,
    1105 AZ Amsterdam,
    The Netherlands.
    Tel: +31-205-665-184
    E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


    ICIMTH 2014 Athens


    The International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare supported by the European Federation for Medical Informatics will take place from
    10-13 July in Athens.
    For more information about the conference topics and the program please refer to the
    Conference Website

    MIE 2014 Istanbul

    The 25th International Congress of the European Federation for Medical Informatics will be held in
    Istanbul, Turkey
    from the
    31.August-03.September 2014

    The Scientific Programme Committee welcomes your contributions for MIE 2014. For more information please refer to the conference website:
    MIE 2014 - Istanbul

    Past MIE & STC Conferences

    Pisa, Italy 2012
    Oslo, Norway 2011
    Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2009
    Gothenborg, Sweden 2008
    Maastricht, Netherlands 2006
    Geneva, Switzerland 2005
    Saint Malo, France 2003
    Budapest, Hungary 2002
    Hanover, Germany 2000
    Ljubljana, Slovenia 1999
    Thessalonica, Greece 1997
    Copenhagen, Denmark 1996
    Lisbon, Portugal 1994
    Jerusalem, Israel 1993
    Vienna, Austria 1991
    Glasgow, Scotland 1990
    Oslo, Norway 1988
    Rome, Italy 1987
    Helsinki, Finland 1985
    Brussels, Belgium 1984
    Dublin, Ireland 1982
    Toulouse, France 1981
    Berlin, Germany 1979
    Cambridge, UK 1978
    Special Topic Conferences
    2013, Prague, Czech Republic
    2012, Moscow, Russia
    2011, Lasko, Slovenia
    2010, Reykjavik, Iceland
    2009, Antalya, Turkey
    2008, London, UK
    2007, Brijuni island, Croatia
    2006, Timisoara, Romania
    2005, Athens, Greece
    2004, Munich, Germany
    2003, Rome, Italy
    2002, Nicosia, Cyprus
    2001, Bucharest, Romania
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