department of radiation sciences

Third-Party Funded Projects

  • EpiRadBio:
    Combining Epidemiology and Radiobiology to Assess Cancer Risks of Ionizing Radiation at Low Doses.
    EU-funded project, EUR 9.5 million
    Coordination: Dr. Peter Jacob
    Genetic Risk of Radiation-Induced Thyroid Cancer.
    EU-funded project, EUR 3 million
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Atkinson
    Minimizing activity and dose with enhanced image quality by radiopharmaceutical administration.
    EU-funded project, EUR 3.8 million
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Christoph Hoeschen.
  • SOUL:
    Radiation Risk Research in Southern Urals.
    EU-funded project, EUR 11.4 million
    Coordination: Dr. Peter Jacob
  • BMBF-funded projects
    Innovative Methods of Biomedical Imaging for the Optimization of the Medical Use of Radiation and Innovative Methods for Three-Dimensional Imaging.
    Total: EUR 4.8 million
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Christoph Hoeschen.
  • KVSF projects:
    "Radiation and Environment II: Radionuclides in the Environment, their Transport in Food Chains towards and inside Man" (2010-2014)
    "TransAqua: Transfer of Radionuclides in Aquatic Ecosystems" (2013-2017)
    BMBF-funded projects, in total 4,9 Mio €
    Coordination: Dr. Jochen Tschiersch"

    Personalised assessment of late health risks after exposure to ionising radiation and guidance for radiation applications in medicine.
    BMBF-funded project , 2.8 Mio €
    Coordination: Dr. Peter Jacob

  • VAO:
    Virtual Alp Observatory.
    Bay. StMUG-funded project, 0,27 Mio €
    Coordination: Dr. Jochen Tschiersch