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Effects of transgenic, glyphosate tolerant soy beans in combination with the corresponding herbizide glyphosate on the soil ecosystem - "A risk assessment study using lysimeters"

The parameters for the risk assessment that were included in this study are:

  • Horizontal gene transfer by homologues recombination under normal conditions and under increased selection pressure (repeated glyphosate application) in the rhizosphere as well as during litter degradation
  • Horizontal gene transfer by plasmid transfer under normal conditions and under increased selection pressure
  • Influence of the GMO in combination with the herbicide on soil quality parameters
  • Fate of glyphosate after repeated application over several years
  • Impact of genetic alteration and glyphosate application on soil humus
  • Fore more details open the following sites:

    • Modelling of soil processes (E. Priesack)
    • Functional microbial ecology of transformation processes in soil (M. Schloter)
    • Interactions between organic xenobiotics and soil-plant systems (R. Schroll)
    • Flows of substances in terrestrial systems (A. Zsolnay)
    • Plant-microorganism interactions in the rhizosphere of crop plants (A. Hartmann)
    • Phytodiagnostics (D. Ernst)