MALDI - Imaging Mass Spectrometry

  • Ultraflex III TOF/TOF, Bruker

  • Solarix FT-MS, Bruker

Electron Microscopy

  • LIBRA® 120 plus, Zeiss

  • TEM EM10CR, Zeiss

  • REM SM6300F, JEOL

Confocal Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

  • AxioImager.Z1 with ApoTome Technology, Zeiss

  • AxioImager.Z2 for Multispectral Mikroskopy, Zeiss and Perkin-Elmer

  • AxioVert 200M with ApoTome Technology, Zeiss

Light-Sheet Microscopy

Slide Scanner

Image Analysis

  • Definiens Enterprise Image Intelligence™ Suite

  • Vision4D, arivis