Research topics:

    Ferroptosis Research: Unraveling mechanisms and cellular regulators that induce or block ferroptosis, a regulated non-apoptotic cell-death pathway.

    Ubiquitin Signaling: Identification and characterization of protein interactions and regulators of ubiquitin signaling pathways mainly implicated in immune response, cancer development and DNA repair.


    Chemical Biology / Drug Discovery:

    We collaborate with researchers at the center as well as national and international cooperation partners to custom-designed assays to screen and identify novel bioactive molecules. Here, a major focus is devoted to the development of phenotypic assays for High-Content Screening (HCS) in order to better reflect the biology of the underlying disease state. We use machine learning techniques to analyze high-content images. ADSP provides state-of-the-art equipment and screening techniques as well as oversees the in-house diversity and focussed compound libraries.