1. Research on Ferroptosis

We are interested in the identification of novel mechanisms and cellular regulators of ferroptotic cell death:

  • Use of CRISPR and RNAi technologies to identify cellular modulators, which can induce or block ferroptosis.
  • Investigation of the impact of selected small molecules on ferroptosis regulation.
  • Development of high-content-imaging tools to visualize ferroptosis.


2. Research on Ubiquitin Signaling pathways

Our Research concentrates on the identification and characterization of new regulators and protein interactions within ubiquitin signaling pathways mainly implicated in immune response, cancer development and DNA repair.  

  • Functional analyses of E2 enzymes, E3 Ligases and deubiquitinases (DUBs) in distinct cellular pathways using CRISPR and RNAi screening techniques.
  • Identification of novel protein-protein interactions (PPIs) and networks in ubiquitin signaling pathways using proteomics and yeast-2-hybrid screening.
  • Identification of small molecule modulators of ubiquitin signaling using target-based as well as phenotypic high-content-screening approaches.