Aicha Jeridi

Curriculum Vita

Seit Jan 2013Doktorarbeit im Labor von Prof. Dr. Vigo Heissmeyer, Abteilung für molekulare Immunregulation, Helmholtz Zentrum München
März-Sep 2012Master of Science: Involvement of members of the integrin-adhesion complex in the survival of CEM neurons. Cell and Developmental Biology (LMU)
April-Sept 2011Bachelor of honours: Evaluation of Annexin A3 and SATB1 as potential key players in chemoresistance to metronomic CPA therapy in prostate cancer cells Chair of pharmaceutical. Biology & Biotechnology (LMU)
Mai-Juli 2009Bachelor of science: Localization of Aequorin in different subcellular compartments (Visualization of an Ca2+ dependent process in the cell)
2007-2012Bachelor-&Master Studiengang der Biologie (LMU)