On-line dose measurements using smartphones for personal use and staff protection

Together with technology partners we developed an application for measuring dose and dose rates using the smartphone camera chip. This new technology development has a great advantage compared to existing electronic personal dosemeters since it can be used reliably also in so called pulsed radiation fields where the dose rate is as high as some 100 Gy/h for a very short time period. Under such conditions existing electronic dosemeters fail. Such fields do exist especially in the medical use of ionising radiation for diagnostics and therapeutic applications. The technology has been described in patents and a publication last year./p> In the featured article published this year, there is a description of using a smartphone together with the developed app as a measurement tool in a clinical environment in diagnostic radiology. The paper shows that there is a principal possibility to use the developed technology in the clinical environment. Nevertheless, there remain some limitations for the professional usage of smartphones as dosemeters in the future for this professional use for a save use of ionizing radiation in medicine.

The next steps would be to develop a dedicated demonstrator for professional use based on the developed technology having less dependence on irradiation directions, long battery lasting, better handling etc.

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Kaireit T, Stamm G, Hoeschen C, Wacker F.K., Smartphones jetzt noch smarter? – Möglichkeit des Einsatzes als “Dosiswarner”, featured article – Titelpaper: Fortschr Röntgenstr 2013; 185: 558-562


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