About us


Scientific Computing Research Unit

is a part of the Institute of Computational Biology (ICB). The research unit combines the organisation of the central data centre of the Helmholtz Zentrum München with research components in scientific computing.

Therefore the misson of the research unit is twofold:

  • To provide professional ICT services for all organisational units of the Helmholtz Zentrum München
  • To develop and apply mathematical methods for computational analysis and simulation of biological systems.

The following four research areas have been identified as being of major importance for life science research at the centre:

  1. data driven analysis and simulation of complex sytems
  2. data analysis, in particular data driven statistical methods
  3. numerical methods for analysis and simulation
  4. information based knowledge discovery

The Scientific Computing Research Unit is organized in six teams, half of which are concentrating on professional ICT services, while the remaining half are research oriented.