Division III

Molecular Diabetology

Prof. Dr. Cora Weigert

Head of Division

Prof. Dr. Andreas Peter

Deputy Head of Division

Reseach Focus

  • Determinants and regulators of a successful prevention of diabetes and metabolic comorbidities by exercise
  • Organ-crosstalk and exercise: Regulation and function of secreted proteins and metabolites

Current Projects

  • Identification of novel regulators in skeletal muscle involved in diabetes prevention by exercise.
  • Central effects of exercise are responsible for the improvement of peripheral metabolism.
  • The exercised plasma metabolome: Myometabokines and health benefit biomarker.
  • Investigation of the exercise-regulated transcriptome of subcutaneous adipose tissue and the role of adipokines in diabetes prevention by exercise.
  • Novel regulators for the etiology and reversal of hepatic steatosis in mice and men.