Islet Facility

Prof. Dr. Susanne Ullrich

Head of Facility

PD Dr. Felicia Gerst

Deputy Head of Facility

Research Focus

  • Beta cell function and failure: the role and molecular mechanisms of fat overload and FFA signaling
  • Organ-cross-talk: Interactions of islets with liver – fat tissue – brain

Current Projcets

  • High fat diet in pregnancy: The role of fatty acid receptor 1 (FFA1/GPR40) in postnatal maturation of pancreatic beta-cells (Mouse study).
  • Establishment of a DZD Human Pancreas Biobank (IDM-PLID).
  • Functional analysis of human pancreatic immunohistochemistry resections using artificial intelligence (using the DZD Human Pancreas Biobank).
  • Characterization of pancreatic fat cells using Human Adipocyte Biobank.