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Sense the charm and exclusivity of the Westin Bellevue Dresden. Explore Dresden´s unique sights such as the Frauenkirche, Zwinger, Semperoper and many more. The most important sights, museums and shops are within easy walking distance. The Westin Bellevue Dresden is the only hotel in Dresden that enchants its guests with the world-famous "Canaletto view" of the Dresden Old Town on the other side of the Elbe River.

Find inspiration in one of the 340 rooms and suites with their elegant interiors, modern technology and exclusive bathrooms.

Recharge your batteries in our wellness area with its magnificent views of the Elbwiesen meadows or enjoy an authentic dining experience in Restaurant Canaletto. With the direct view to the old center of Dresden's baroque silhouette and a team that lives for the maxim: "food should be fun and bring together people".

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Albrechtsberg Castle

  • (c) Thomas Scholz
  • (c) Thomas Scholz
  • The history of Albrechtsberg Castle

    The Albrechtsberg Castle Dresden was built 1850-1854 for Prince Albrecht of Prussia.

    But the history of this place already begins early in the 19th century, when the Scottish Lord Findlater built his mansion above the Loschwitz vineyards. After Findlaters death in 1821 the palace was converted in a well known and exclusive guesthouse where famous personalities from Dresden like Semper, Wagner and von Kügelgen stayed.

    Some years later, in 1850, Prince Albrecht chose the place to build a new home for his new family. After 18 years of marriage he had been divorced from his first wife (Marianne, princess of the Netherlands) and had been fallen in love with Rosalie von Rauch, the daughter of the minister of war. She belonged to Princess Marianne’s attendance and was of course not equal of birth to become the wife of Prince Albrecht.

    Nevertheless, Albrecht married Rosalie morganatically in 1853. Due to the families strict hold with tradition Albrecht’s brother, the King, did not accept this marital decision. So the Prince and his new wife were forced to life together outside of Prussia.

    Schloss Albrechtsberg was built in the neoclassical style, modeled on the Villa d’Este near Rome. All the builders came from Prussia, and thus the castle is an important piece of Prussian architectural history here in Saxony.

    Prince Albrecht here lived together with his wife and two sons until his death in 1872. One of the sons, after the death of his mother and his brother, had to sell the castle to the city of Dresden due to financial problems in 1925.

    Fortunately, Schloss Albrechtsberg escaped any direct bombing during World War II.

    But Russian occupying forces later used the castle as their headquarters. According to eyewitness accounts the Russians were seen selling and burning precious tapestries, furniture and paintings which had adorned the rooms.

    In 1949 the castle was redecorated and turned into a Russian INTOURIST hotel.

    From 1951 until 1990 – the year of the German reunion - the palace was used as so called „Pionierpalast“, a house for cultural and political activities of the youth organization in the GDR.

    Since 1991 Schloss Albrechtsberg is one of the best addresses in Dresden for official dinners, banquettes, concerts and formal social events, as nearly all rooms of the castle are restored to its former magnificence.