Comprehensive Metabolomics Platform (CMP)

Analyses for Cooperation Partners

The „Comprehensive Metabolomics Platform“ (CMP) at the BGC offers non-targeted deep metabotyping based on multiparallel ultra-high resolution analytical tools (UPLC/MS, ICR-FT/MS or NMR). Up to 10.000 mass features are detected in a single analysis with approximately 2.500 annotated metabolites. The comprehensive description of the metabolic status allows hypothesis free multivariate data analysis to retrieve meaningful marker candidates.

Procedures for various biological (e.g. body fluids, plants) and environmental sample matrices (e.g. water samples) have been developed. The platform benefits hereby from the scientific input from the BGC and is completed by problem-oriented method development for sample collection, preparation, targeted and non-targeted organic analysis and post data acquisition analysis. Often, these activities contribute to interdisciplinary cooperations.

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