Examples for Samples and Elements

Source: P. Grill

We are analysing nearly all kinds of samples:

  • Environmental samples:
    e.g. soil, sediment, water, waste water
  • Biological samples:
    e.g. plants, plant material, animal samples, organs, blood, feces
  • Human samples:
    e.g. blood, serum, urine, CSF, liver biopsy
  • Samples from occupational medicine:
    e.g. blood, serum, urine, saliva
  • Samples from forensics:
    e.g. organ tissue samples
  • Examples: 
    Pb, Hg, Cd in blood
    Trace element status (Ca, Cu, Fe, Mg, P, Se, Zn) in serum
    Fe, Cu in liver biopsy (hemachromatosis, morbus wilson)
    As, U, Th in urine
    Chloride, nitrate, phosphate, sulfate or heavy metals in water