Expertises of BGC
Source: Prof. Dr. P. Schmitt-Kopplin


The expertise of BGC in chemistry and analytical chemistry covers the whole analytical pipeline involving the development of specific microsampling techniques, sample preparations, structural analyses and statistic/bioinformatic post-analyses. We cover the analysis of elements involving their organic speciation (Metallomics), as well as the semi-quantitative profiling of thousands of metabolites, and quantitative analysis of hundred of them (Metabolomics).

We taylored novel targeted (=quantitative) and non-targeted (=discovery) analyses enabling the description of the chemodiversity of complex organic/organometallic systems. The non-targeted, deep metabotyping approach is the basis of the analysis of metabolites in various complex microbiomes in health (BIO) or environmental (GEO) projects.

Our main field of developments are in: