Environmental Research in Order to Preserve Our Natural Resources

Research Focus

  • The Institute of Biochemical Plant Pathology explores natural defence mechanisms, growth and fitness of plants, as well as the efficient use of resources in response to environmental cues. Focus is placed on the molecular mechanisms that allow plants to respond and adapt to biotic as well as abiotic factors. Signal perception and transduction pathways in plant adaptation and growth are being addressed by genetic and biochemical approaches and plant phenotyping.

Specific Research programmes

Recent Publications

    • Lenk, M. ; Wenig, M. ; Bauer, K. ; Hug, F. ; Knappe, C. ; Lange, B. ; Timsy, T. ; Häußler, F. ; Mengel, F. ; Dey, S. ; Schäffner, A. ; Vlot, A.C.Pipecolic acid is induced in barley upon infection and triggers immune responses associated with elevated nitric oxide accumulation.Mol. Plant Microbe Interact., accepted (2019)
    • Ageeva-Kieferle, A. ; Rudolf, E.E. ; Lindermayr, C.Redox-dependent chromatin remodeling: A new function of nitric oxide as architect of chromatin structure in plants.Front. Plant Sci. 10:625 (2019)
    • Ceciliato, P.H.O. ; Zhang, J. ; Liu, Q. ; Shen, X. ; Hu, H. ; Liu, C. ; Schäffner, A. ; Schroeder, J.I.Intact leaf gas exchange provides a robust method for measuring the kinetics of stomatal conductance responses to abscisic acid and other small molecules in Arabidopsis and grasses.Plant Methods 15:38 (2019)
    • Vidal, A. ; Watteau, F. ; Remusat, L. ; Mueller, C.W. ; Nguyen Tu, T.T. ; Buegger, F. ; Derenne, S. ; Quenea, K.Earthworm cast formation and development: A shift from plant litter to mineral associated organic matter.Front. Env. Sci. 7:55 (2019)
    • Pritsch, K. ; Weikl, F. ; Nickel, U.T.Reactivity of ectomycorrhizal communities of spruce and beech to recurrent years of severe summer drought.Vortrag: EGU, 7-12 April 2019, Wien. (2019)Bueno, A. ; Pritsch, K. ; Simon, J.Species-specific outcome in the competition for nitrogen between invasive and native tree seedlings.Front. Plant Sci. 10:337 (2019)
    • Georgii, E. ; Kugler, K.G. ; Pfeifer, M. ; Vanzo, E. ; Block, K. ; Domagalska, M.A. ; Jud, W. ; AbdElgawad, H. ; Asard, H. ; Reinhardt, R. ; Hansel, A. ; Spannagl, M. ; Schäffner, A. ; Palme, K. ; Mayer, K.F.X. ; Schnitzler, J.-P. The systems architecture of molecular memory in poplar after abiotic stress. Plant Cell Feb 2019, 31(2):346–367, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1105/tpc.18.00431

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Bachelor- and Masterstudents

  • At the Department of Biochemical Plant Pathology, topics are regularly awarded for bachelor and master theses. The topics are based on current research projects.
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Seminar: Progress in Plant Biology

  • Building 22 Seminarroom No. 105