TOPIC "Aerosol Toxicology" Staff

Jana Pantzke
PhD Student

Phone: +49 89 3187 43788
Building/Room: 107



In July 2019, Jana Pantzke started her PhD in the research project "Toxicity of Wind Mill Fibers". With the first generation of wind turbines coming to an end of service life, recycling of their rotor blades poses a major challenge as they contain reinforcements with glass and/or carbon fibers. In her work, Jana is investigating the toxicity of solid pyrolysis products arising during the recycling process of the blades in order to analyze whether structural and morphological changes occurring during the pyrolytic decomposition of the fibrous materials can increase health risks. To ensure especially occupational safety, it is inevitable to reduce toxicological concerns of the intermediate and end products of the recycling process by applying a toxicological characterization.


  • 2018 MSc in Toxicology, University of Potsdam, November 2018. Thesis: Assessment of Neurotoxicity in 3D Cell Culture Systems.
  • 2016 BSc in Chemistry, Free University of Berlin, March 2016. Thesis: Synthesis of Glycopeptides of the Prion Protein.