TOPIC III Aerosol Physics Staff

Seongho Jeong
PhD Student

Phone: +49 89 3187 49301
Building/Room: 107/ 216


Research Focus:

In November 2019, Seongho Jeong started his PhD in the SAARUS research project, which addresses to analyze the physical and cytotoxic characteristics of particulate emission and to understand the influences of different types of fuels. His research focused mainly on the generation and analysis of various aerosols. Furthermore, Seongho is interested in toxicological responses of cells using aerosol exposure systems. He expects to be able to combine the physical characteristics of primary and aged aerosols with the toxicological effects on lung cell culture using the in vitro Air-Liquid-Interface (ALI) models. 


  • 2019 M.Sc. in Environmental process engineering, RWTH Aachen, March 2019. Thesis at IEK-8 Forschungszentrum Jülich & WSA RWTH Aachen: Aerosolgeneration for measurements in an atmospheric simulation chamber (SAPHIR)
  • 2016 B.Sc. in Environmental engineering, RWTH Aachen, August 2016. Thesis at ISA RWTH Aachen: Characterizing and dimensioning of membrane bioreactors