TOPIC IV "Aerosol Mutagenesie" Staff

TOPIC IV "Aerosol Mutagenesis" Staff

Dr. Sebastiano Di Bucchianico
Senior Scientist

Phone: +49 89 3187 49263
Building/Room: 107/ 234



Studies on cellular and molecular aerosol toxicology by air liquid interface exposures. Development of lung cells in vitro long-term exposures with a particular focus on geno- and epi-genotoxicity.


Cao, X. et al.: Adenine derivatization for LC-MS/MS epigenetic DNA modifications studies on monocytic THP-1 cells exposed to reference particulate matter. Biochem. 618:114127 (2021)

Ihantola, T.* et al.: Influence of wood species on toxicity of log-wood stove combustion aerosols: A parallel animal and air liquid interface cell exposure study on spruce and pine smoke. Part. Fibre Toxicol. 17:27 (2020)

Cappellini, F.* et al.: Dry generation of CeO2 nanoparticles and deposition onto a co-culture of A549 and THP-1 cells in air-liquid interface – dosimetry consideration and comparison to submerged exposure. Nanomaterials 10:618 (2020)

Karg, E.W. ; Ferron, G.A. ; Bauer, S. ; di Bucchianico, S. & Zimmermann, R.*: Is the particle deposition in a cell exposure facility comparable to the lungs? A computer model approach. Aerosol Sci. Technol., accepted (2020)

Gliga, A.R.* ; di Bucchianico, S. ; Akerlund, E.* & Karlsson, H.L.*: Transcriptome profiling and toxicity following long-term, low dose exposure of human lung cells to Ni and NiO nanoparticles-comparison with NiCl2. Nanomaterials 10:649 (2020)

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