TOPIC IX "aeroHEALTH & Data analysis"

Patrick Martens
PhD Student

Phone: +49 381 498 6533


Patrick Martens has studied chemistry at the University of Rostock and received his Master's degree in September 2019. In October 2019, he started his PhD at the University of Rostock. His research focuses on the characterization of aerosols from the combustion of lignite and wood in small-scale heating appliances for domestic use. Although solid fuels for residential heating have been replaced in many developed countries, they are still a common source of energy in many parts of the world and, in particular, wood may gain more importance in developed countries in the nearer future again. Lignite on the other hand, although uncommon in developed countries, is still of high importance in many parts of the world, e.g. eastern Europe and China. Nevertheless, information on emissions from lignite combustion in small-scale heating appliances typical for European end-users is scarce. Therefore, on-line monitoring of gaseous emissions during the combustion with a low-fragmenting single-photon-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer (SPI-TOF-MS) is used to provides insights into occurring processes, e.g. volatilization and thermal degradation, and their characteristic emission patterns. Furthermore, a thermal-optical carbon analyzer coupled to a photoionization (PI) mass spectrometer is used to investigate the chemical nature of the carbonaceous particle fraction as well as to provide insights into the organic fraction of particulate matter on a molecular level.