TOPIC IX "aeroHEALTH & Data analysis"

Eric Schneider
PhD Student

Phone: +49 381 498 8993


Eric Schneider studied Chemistry at the University of Rostock and received his Master’s degree in September 2020. The DFG project he is involved in, together with the Moscow State University and the Technical University Munich, includes investigations of the impact of aerosolized particulate matter from aged wildfire plumes on the environment and human health. By using the world’s largest aerosol chamber in Tomsk (Russia) and the understanding of the simulation of wildfires and aging of the emitted aerosols, sufficient fine particles can be collected to study both the biological effects and the physical-chemical parameters responsible for these outcomes. Within this project, the aim is to develop a method for extraction of aerosol filter samples to characterize the chemical composition of wildfire particle emissions as well as the influence of aerosol aging. For this purpose, electrospray ionization (ESI) and Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry hyphenated to liquid chromatography (LC FT-ICR MS) is applied to enable the chemical characterization of these ultra-complex mixtures.