New Measurement Campaign

Source: Kara/Fotolia

A measurement campaign on the characterization of ship diesel aerosols will take place at the University of Rostock in November. The experiments will especially focus on the ageing of aerosols and are going to apply online and offline mass spectrometry techniques. Sulfur-rich Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) and desulfurized Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) will be used for the experiments. The aerosols that are generated in the exhaust plume will be aged in a controlled smog chamber. This method makes it possible to study the atmospheric processes and their impact on the properties of the aerosols. A comprehensive characterization of the aged aerosols will then lead to conclusions about possible health effects. The campaign is part of the project WOOd combustion and SHIpping - primary aerosol emissions and secondary aerosol formation potential (WOOSHI).