Studies on Gas and Bio-Fuel Exhausts

Source: rdnzl/ Fotolia

The current discussions on harmful exhausts emitted by cars shows that the research on the emissions from diesel and gas fuel has been not completed by far. In April and May 2015 the HICE scientists examined the effects of gasoline at the University of Rostock. They also investigated bio-ethanol as the current favored alternative to fossil fuels.

The scientists used the set-up and the methodology that was developed in HICE and already applied for ship diesel emissions as well as for emissions from wood combustion. For this they ran an engine with bio-ethanol and gasoline. Lung cells were exposed to the fuels under realistic in vitro conditions in an air-liquid interface exposure system. The interdisciplinary work of HICE was again the main part of the campaign: Chemists and physicians analyzed the chemical composition and physical properties of the particles and gas phase. Biologists will analyse the cellular responses at the transcriptome, proteome and metabolome level. First Results are expected for 2016.