Experiments on Wood Combustion

Source: University of Eastern Finland (UEF)

HICE searches for new insights into the health effects of burning wood in households. From 19 September to 7 October 30 scientists from Germany and Finland ran an experimental campaign at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) in Kuopio. The researchers burned spruce and pine logs as well as softwood pellets in wood stoves to see how the combustion directly affects lung cells. Therefor two air-liquid interface systems were used. The cells were also exposed to diesel emissions. By this the differences between the effects of wood and diesel should be shown under the same experimental conditions. Further understanding about the effects of wood and diesel combustion on human health will be gained by tests with animals that were also pursued during the campaign. The first HICE experimental campaign on wood combustion took place in 2013 and focused on beech, birch and pellets. The results are expected by the end of 2016.