TV Broadcast of measurement campaign

Video 27'25":

Emissions from residential combustion can cause pulmonary diseases in humans. Especially in small settlements in Middle and Eastern Europe the population is severely exposed to harmful substances. Low-quality fuel and boilers and improper operation of such are leading to an exceedance of particulate matter limits, resulting in respiratory problems or even cancer and premature deaths.

In order to counteract the lack of data and the and corrective tools for pollution in such small settlements, two neighbouring locations - Bayerisch Eisenstein in Germany and Železná Ruda in Czech Republic - have been chosen for emission studies.

Following parameters have been measured: particle matter (PM) of different sizes (devices: DustTrak DRX, DustTrak 8520 (TSI), OPS (TSI)), particle number concentrations (device: PTrak (TSI)), aerosol particle size distribution (devices: low budget PM sensors for field testing and validation), black carbon and brown carbon (MicroAethalotmeter MA200, AethLabs). The measurements have been conducted as "walking measurements", meaning a repeated walk of 1 hour (8 measurements/day) carrying the device at the same time each day in order to capture the temporal-spatial variability. Furthermore, pictures have been taken every 5 seconds using the Olympus TG-tracker camera and the global position was recorded by the GPS tracker Garmin 64s.

The measurements were conducted within the CONSPIRO project (part of the EU project DSPF PA6), which - besides pilot measurements and their analyses - includes citizen science, education and media, and multi-level governance for reaching the maximum impact.

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