TOPIC IV "Aerosol Mutagenesis"


In aeroHEALTH ( the toxicity of polluted air is analyzed. A major step into real world scenarios is made by taking into consideration the interactions of anthropogenic and biogenic emissions (e.g. car emissions and α-pinene from trees) and atmospheric aging of aerosols (see also newHICE). The aim is to elucidate the complexity of ambient air components in order to evaluate in a most realistic way their potential adverse effects on human health. Therefore lung cell cultures are exposed at the air-liquid interface and in vitro disease models are developed. After exposure cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and disease specific effects are measured and a comprehensive transcriptome analysis is performed.



Toxicity of SVOC gas- and particle phase

Semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) can be inhaled in gas or particle phase. By using aerosol generators and air-liquid-interface cell exposure systems it is investigated whether gas-particle partitioning influences the (geno-)toxicity of SCOCs.

Assessment of oxidative stress in cells exposed to fine particulate matter

Oxidative stress is an early biochemical effect caused by different stress situations of an organism. Persisting oxidative stress can lead to damage of cellular macromolecules and thus finally induce harmful inflammation processes. Exposure to fine particulate matter is one important causer of oxidative stress in cell systems; and the assessment of oxidative stress in cell systems exposed to various exposure scenarios is a helpful measure in the investigation and elucidation of molecular effect mechanisms. For this purpose liquid chromatographic tandem mass spectrometric methods for the determination of biomarkers of oxidative stress in cell-samples are established and applied during different studies.

Biogenic Organotropic Wetsuits (BOW)

Biogenic Organotropic Wetsuits (BOW) is an EU-project funded by the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020. Goals and research activities of BOW are currently available on the CORDIS website ( The “Aerosol Mutagenesis” group of the Cooperation Group CMA is working on the BOW project evaluating evMBD biological performances and nanotoxicity in-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo.