Research Group "Plant Microbiome"

Head: Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Schröder

The rooting zone is the metabolically most active compartment of the A- horizon, and as such characterised by an intensive flow of matter. Sustainable concepts for land use will depend on reliable prognoses of these flows, in order to allow for the evaluation of the productiveness of particular regions or ecosytems. Plants and microbes in the rooting zone influence each other via exudate and messenger substances, by this forming a favorable milieu for the greatest possible expansion of the rooting zone. The aim of this research group is the elucidation of modifications in function in the soil-plant system and induced changes by inputs of foreign substances (e.g. agrochemicals). The following approaches are applied:

  • The characterisation of phyto-detoxification mechanisms using proteomics
  • Cytological studies on the transport of xenobiotic metabolites within the root systems of various plant models and fungi
  • Investigations on the influence of xenobiotic metabolites on the microbiology of the rooting zone
  • The assessment of secondary metabolism in controlled model systems, i.e. phyto-remediation in biological purification systems