Research Group "Soil Microbiome"

externally funded projects

  • Influence of management techniques on the structure and function of the soil microflora (funded by BLE, associated to “FertilCrop” funded by the ERA-Net CORE Organic Plus) 
  • BonaRes project: InnoSoilPhos – Innovative solutions to sustainable Soil Phosphorus management (funded by the BMBF)
  • BonRes project: Soil³ – Sustainable Subsoil Management (funded by the BMBF)
  • BonaRes project: Susalps - Sustainable use of alpine and pre-alpine grassland soils in a changing climate (funded by the BMBF)
  • SPP1685 - Forest Strategies for limited Phosphorus Resources, Sub-project:  Regulation of microbial activities, structure and function of microbial communities (funded by DFG)
  • SPP 1374 - Exploratories for large-scale and long-term functional biodiversity research, Sub-project:  Land use intensity as a driver for abundance, diversity and activity of nitrifying microbes in soils from forest ecosystems (funded by DFG)
  • Soil structure formation through the action of plants and microbes (funded by DFG)
  • The influence of agricultural management practices on microbial functions and networks in biological soil crusts (funded by DFG)
  • SPP1158 -Antarctic Research with Comparable Investigations in Arctic Sea Ice Areas, Sub-project: From single processes to cycles: Evolution of nitrogen turnover in terrestrial ecosystems of the maritime Antarctic (funded by DFG)  
  • Soil microbial community dynamics and biogeochemical cycles under global change: effects of climate and vegetation change in alpine ecosystems (funded by NERC)
  • Effects of soil microbial diversity on Fusarium graminearum and on maize decomposition (Jasso scholarship)



  • Prof. Wulf Amelung (University of Bonn)
  • Prof. Ellen Kandeler (University of Hohenheim)
  • Prof. Ingrid Kögel-Knabner (TU München)
  • Prof. Matthias Rillig (FU Berlin)
  • Prof. Tim Urich (University of Greifswald)
  • Prof. Sabine Fiedler (University of Mainz)
  • Prof. Christoph Emmerling (University of Trier)
    • Dr. Lukas Y. Wick (UFZ)
    • Prof. Peter Leinweber (University of Rostock)
    • PD Dr. habil. Christel Baum (University of Rostock)
    • Prof. Ulf Karsten (University of Rostock)
    • PD Dr. habil. Thomas Fischer (BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg)
    • Dr. Cordula Vogel (TU Dresden)
    • Dr. Michael Dannenmann (KIT)
    • Prof. Ulrich Köpke (University of Bonn)
    • Dr. Sabine v. Tucher (TU München)
    • Prof. Francois Buscot (UFZ)
    • Prof. Hauke Harms (UFZ)
    • Prof. Friederike Lang (University of Freiburg)
    • Prof. Andrea Polle (University of Göttingen)


  • Dr. Metka Suhadolc (University of Ljubljana)
  • Prof. Christa Schleper (TU Wien)
  • Dr. Andreas Fließbach (FIBL, Frick)
  • Dr. Mirna Mrkonjić Fuka (University of Zagreb)
  • Dr. Yoshitaka Uchida (University of Hokkaido)
  • Prof. Richard Bardgett (University of Manchester)
  • PD Dr. Michael Bahn (University of Innsbruck)
  • Prof. Marcel van der Heijden (Agroscope, Zurich)
  • Dr. Beat Frey (WSL, Birmensdorf)