Diabetes Epidemiology and Health Economics Modeling,

June 22, 2015 Munich

Prediction of life expectancy and future complications of patients with diabetes is useful for describing the future burden of disease to society, both epidemiologically and economically. This symposium focuses on epidemiologic and health economic models used for research in diabetes patients. Invited international speakers and researchers of the Competence Network Diabetes and the German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) will be presenting their state-of-the-art research results. International and national models will be presented, which have been developed to predict life expectancy and the occurrence of diabetes complications in people with diabetes. Decision models for the economic evaluation of diabetes prevention and the validation and adaptation of decision models to the German context will also be presented. The conference presentations will be accompanied by a poster session showing further interesting and related research. We invite you to attend our one day symposium!


Here is a flyer with all the information!