Seminars & Conferences

Seminar Mathematics of Modeling and Data Analysis

Thursday, 26.03.2015

Titel: Nucleation and Polymerization models for some neurodegenerative deseases

Speaker: Dr. Romain Yvinec

When: Thursday 26.03.2015, 3 pm

Where: Seminar room 121, ICB building 58a


  • Tomography in Medicine. Alternative scanning geometry and reconstruction algorithm.

    Speaker: Dr. Oleg Tischenko (AMSD). Date: 24.02.2015

  • Kernel-based approximation methods.

    Speaker: Kristof Schröder. Date: 03.12.2014

  • ODE-based Optimization.

    Speaker: Anna Fiedler. Date: 6.11.2014

Let us give some information regarding the nature of the seminar. The purpose of the seminar is not to have polished talks but we intend to have presentations (preferable on the blackboard) which can be interrupted at any time to discuss mathematical ideas. Therefore we don’t set a specific duration. Everybody who is willing to discuss mathematical ideas or/and would like to present something is welcome to join.

Past Conferences

  • Symposium on Higher-dimensional Splines: Variations on a Theme (ICNAAM)

    Rhodes, Greece, September 2014, Organizers: P. Massopust, P. Van Fleet

  • Süddeutsches Approximationskolloqium

    Neuherberg, July 2014, Organizers: F. Filbir, K. Schröder

  • Nonlinear Phenomena in Biology Physics and Mechanics

    in honour of Proffessor Messoud Efendiev on the occasion of his 60th birthday

    Neuherberg, March 2014, Organizers: F. Filbir, W. Gastell, B. Hense, R. Lasser, S. Sonner, M. Sorensen, A. Zhigun

  • Mathematical Analysis and Applications

    Neuherberg, 2013, Organizers: M. Efendiev, F. Filbir, W. zu Castell

  • Sampling Theory and its Applications (SampTA)

    Jacobs University, Bremen, July 2013, Organizers: W. Henkel, P. Maaß, P. Massopust, P. Oswald, G. Pfander, H. Rauhut

  • Minisymposium Fourier Analytic Methods in Tomographic Image Reconstruction

    at Conference Applied Inverse Problems,

    Deajeon, Korea, July 2013, Organizers: F. Filbir, J. Frikel

  • Summer School on New Trends and Directions in Harmonic Analysis, Fractional Operator Theory and Image Analysis

    Inzell, September 2012, Organizers: P. Massopust, B. Forster

  • Summer School Image Reconstruction, Mathematics and Applications

    TU München, July 2012, Organizers: F. Filbir, J. Frikel, S. Kunis, T. Lasser