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Mission of the Department of Radiation Sciences

The research of the Helmholtz Association addresses the grand challenges facing modern society. As part of the research field ‘Health’, the Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU) is committed to solving challenges to personal and public health that arise from the interaction of the genome and the environment. The Department of Radiation Sciences (DRS) has developed into an internationally recognized center for radiation research. Within the Helmholtz Zentrum München (HMGU) and the Helmholtz Association the DRS provides a unique expertise in in all major aspects related to radiation and health. The ongoing realignment of the DRS sharpens the profile towards Translational Radiation Medicine and aims at

  • creation of a profound knowledge of radiation effects on normal and diseased tissue
  • enhancement of collaboration between radiation-related disciplines and beyond
  • crosslinking preclinical expert knowledge within HMGU and external collaboration to clinically-driven questions
  • strengthening the link with the two Munich-based Universities, TUM and LMU, to translate novel concepts into clinical practice
  • fostering life-long education in radiation research
  • and providing counseling of governmental and non-governmental institutions in all radiation-related aspects

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