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The open access Journal Photoacoustics (PACS) is devoted to original research and review contributions within the fast growing field of photoacoustics (optoacoustics) and thermoacoustics. Research in these fields exploit optically and electromagnetically excited acoustical and thermal phenomena for visualization and characterization of a variety of materials and biological tissues, including living organisms.



Topics of interest:

  • Photoacoustic / optoacoustic imaging, tomography
  • Photoacoustic / optoacoustic mesoscopy and microscopy
  • Novel detectors
  • Novel laser and light sources and delivery technologies
  • Spectroscopy and analysis of compounds
  • Signal processing and image reconstruction methods
  • Thermoacoustics and microwave-induced imaging
  • Ultrasound-modulated optical phenomena
  • Multi-modality systems involving light and sound
  • Contrast agents, nanoparticles, nanotechnology
  • Interactions with cells and tissues
  • Pre-clinical imaging
  • Molecular imaging
  • Clinical translation and applications