Claudia Keplinger
Technical Assistant (MTA/BSc Bioengineering)

Phone: +49 89 3187 1219
Building/Room: HAE/265

Project description

Research on the molecular mechanisms of T lymphocyte tolerance.


  • Vogel KU, Edelmann SL, Jeltsch KM, Bertossi A, Heger K, Heinz GA, Zöller J, Warth SC, Hoefig KP, Lohs C, Neff F, Kremmer E, Schick J, Repsilber D, Geerlof A, Blum H, Wurst W, Heikenwälder M, Schmidt-Supprian M, Heissmeyer V. Roquin paralogs 1 and 2 redundantly repress the Icos and Ox40 costimulator mRNAs and control follicular helper T cell differentiation. Immunity. 2013 Apr 18; 38(4): 655-68

  • Zantke J, Ishikawa-Fujiwara T, Arboleda E, Lohs C, Schipany K, Hallay N, Straw AD, Todo T, Tessmar-Raible K. Circadian and Circalunar Clock Interactions in a Marine Annelid. Cell Rep. 2013

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  • Balmand S, Lohs C, Aksoy S, Heddi A. Tissue distribution and transmission routes for the tsetse fly endosymbionts. J Invertebr Pathol. 2013 Mar;112 Suppl:S116-22. doi: 10.1016/j.jip.2012.04.002. Epub 2012 Apr 19

  • Rio RV, Symula RE, Wang J, Lohs C, Wu YN, Snyder AK, Bjornson RD, Oshima K, Biehl BS, Perna NT, Hattori M, Aksoy S. Insight into the transmission biology and species-specific functional capabilities of tsetse (Diptera: glossinidae) obligate symbiont Wigglesworthia. MBio. 2012 Feb 14;3(1)

Curriculum Vitae

Since January 2012Research Technician in the group of Prof. Vigo Heissmeyer; Institute of Molecular Immunology; Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich, Germany
2008-2011Research Technician in the lab of Dr. Florian Raible, Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Vienna, Austria
Investigating the lunar periodicity and the function of inner brain sensory-neurosecretory cells in the marine bristle worm Platynereis dumerilii as well as the origin and diversification of hormone systems
Bachelor studies in Bioengineering (Thesis and degree “Bsc Bionengineering” in 2011)
2007-2008Research Technician in the lab of Serap Aksoy, PhD; Yale University School of Public Health, New Haven , CT, USA
Focusing on the biology of Tsetse fly endosymbionts
2006Research Technician in the lab of Prof. Michael Brand, Technical University of Dresden, Dresden, Germany
Investigating the molecular mechanisms of Fgf signaling
2005Visiting Researcher during a working holiday year in the lab of Prof. Peter Currie, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Sydney, Australia
Focusing on muscle development and muscle diseases in zebrafish

2000-2005Research technician in the lab of Prof. Michael Brand, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany