Home cage based examination technology

M. Brielmeier

24/7 movement patterns of mice have shown that disturbances caused by cage change, noise or light at unusual times, put mice under stress. Studies with stressed mice are prone to errors. The ideal experiment examines mice in their home cage without the experimenter having to intervene. And in the mice's active phase, i.e. at night. New developments in sensor technology and telemetry make this ideal tangible. With RFID technology, mice can be identified contactless. Cameras are able to measure the vital parameters of the mice without contact or to look deep into the tissue using near infrared technology. Implanted pumps allow the remote application of substances. Telemetry transmits data from implanted sensors. Together with the researchers of the Pioneer Campus, the department is working on the technical equipment of the home cage so that better experimental setups will lead to more meaningful results in the future.