Dosimetry online

If you perform radiation monitoring in your company with your own management software, we can offer you for this purpose the appropriate solution for a modern data exchange (server to server, customer-DB <> AWST-DB). On request, we would be pleased to send you an interface specification to our database.

You can then adjust your management software in such a way that the relevant monitoring data of your database is synchronized directly and in data package with the database of the Monitoring Service. As a preliminary information, please find here the terms and conditions for your use of DOSICON.

Click here to download the software DOSICON.

If you have any  questions about our online services, please send us an or call us at +49 (0) 89 3187 2020.  We would be pleased to help you!

Information about Dosicon

The DosiCon-interface is a system-to-system interface for the digital data exchange between the database of the AWST and the user-software from customer side. With access to the interface, the administrators can change data of his or her company like names, addresses or the amount of ordered dosimeters. All data is transferred via a save internet connection and it is only transferred encrypted.

We are not in charge of the functioning of the customer software, which developers outside our house provide our customers.

The activation for use of the DosiCon interface is only granted if the customer accepts the terms of use.