Registration & orders

Register a new company or institution

You can register a new company or institution by using the operational record sheet. When registering a new company, payment can be processed by direct debit authorization.

Register a new person

Please note that for each person applying for registration, a record sheet should be completed. The registration of a person does not automatically imply placement of a purchase order for a dosimeter. 

Become an online customer

In order to use our new online customer service DosiNet, please send the completed and signed registration form back to us. We will set up the access for you immediately.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact us directly by e-mail. We will take the time to assist you! 

Order dosimeters and other products

The order placement form is valid for initial orders and for reorders at a later date during the monitoring period. Are you a customer? Order dosimeter or other products by .