Press Release


Information on Legal Changes in the Occupational Radiation Protection Monitoring


As a result of the new Radiation Protection Act (Section 170 StrSchG), a personal identification number was introduced beginning 31st December 2018. The purpose of unambiguous identification of occupationally exposed individuals and holders of radiation passports is to now have a:

Radiation Protection Register Number (SSR number)



Applications for an SSR number can be submitted via the homepage of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection ( The following data must be sent to BfS for this purpose:

  • Social security number or suitable foreign identification number
  • Company number (Section 18i SGB IV, from your employer)
  • Surname
  • First name(s)
  • Maiden name
  • Academic degree(s)
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth

For the latest and more information, see:

Also, within the framework of the new Radiation Protection Act (Section 170 StrlSchG), nuclide list and operating and activity categories were restructured and expanded. Further information and lists can be found in the “download” section.

Just like your SSR number, please provide us with all necessary data

If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Service at +49 89/3187-2220 or . Thank you.