Usefull information

Statutory regulations

The main relevant laws and regulations that you need in your work as a Radiation Safety Officer are available as downloadable PDF documents.

Some of the standards may not be presented in full text due to existing legal requirements (eg copyright of DIN standards).

  • Radiation Protection Ordinance StrlSchV
  • X-Ray Ordinance RöV
  • Atomic Energy Act
  • Radiation Protection Register Ordinance
  • Directive on Physical Radiation Protection Monitoring
  • Directive on requirements for official personal monitoring services
  • Computation base for determination of body doses
  • Weights and measures law
  • Calibration regulations
  • PTB-requirements
  • Requirements on personal dosimeters
  • Regulations for annual comparison measurements
  • Conditions for comparison measurements of neutron dosimeters

Note: all statutory regulations are available via BfS at: