Career and Education

In the coming years the need for scientifically and technically trained workers in Germany will rise sharply. According to the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, promoting young scientists will therefore be of paramount importance. Through targeted measures Helmholtz Zentrum München supports scientists at various stages of their careers.

The promotion and advancement of young scientists is a top priority for Helmholtz Zentrum München. This is a prerequisite – also in the future – for making important contributions to health and environment research. We make attractive offers to graduate students, postdocs and junior group leaders. Our strategy focuses on the international recruitment of excellent staff, followed by targeted measures to promote career advancement.


The career development of postdocs, handled by Human Resources Development, is offered at progressive levels, becoming increasingly individualized.

  • A Career Day for doctoral students and postdocs gives a general overview of the breadth of career opportunities within and outside science and research. Participants can then match up the specific requirements with their individual skills.
  • In addition, workshops are held (for a maximum of 12 people), which enable participants to make coherent and long-term career decisions based on structured analyses of personal values, interests, experiences, skills and further determining factors.

In case these offers prove to be insufficient, additional individual consultations are offered, which may include an analysis of potential and professional career coaching.