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Scientific excellence makes us a world leader in “Environmental Health” – our scientific achievements are recognized as top class. We participate in cooperative projects on the highest international level and offer excellent education and training. Our work to promote human health is based on five core values. They are the benchmark against which the performance and the form of cooperation of the Center will be measured.


Respectful treatment of each other creates an atmosphere in which new ideas can emerge. Appreciation means respecting the achievements and expertise of others. By expressing our candid opinion, we give our employees, supervisors and colleagues appropriate feedback on their performance and behavior. We encourage our employees in their professional and personal development.

Ability to work in a team

Teamwork is the foundation for success in research. By working together, we create the synergy needed to solve major research problems. Within the scope of our tasks and capacities, we work for the common goal and support and respect each other.


Responsibility means devotion to the posed task. We are dedicated to implementing the decisions that have been made and carrying out the tasks we have assumed. We work efficiently, with clearly defined responsibilities and resources and with great personal commitment.


Integrity is based on ethical principles. It requires transparency in decision making and open communication. This requires trustful and loyal behavior. We therefore deal responsibly with the staff and resources of the center. We always follow through with what we say, stand by our convictions and purposefully implement our decisions.


Motivation is a prerequisite for scientific excellence. We demonstrate full commitment and engage in national and international competition in order to achieve a leading position in international research. Our approach is characterized by open scientific inquiry, and we solve our tasks creatively and with high quality. We use the atmosphere of academic freedom to achieve the agreed-upon objectives.

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