Service for Staff

Once employed by us, many advantages await you: the day care center on campus, the promotion of your health, good networks and continuous professional development.

Day Care Center

The day care center named “ganz schön frech” on the Neuherberg campus offers child care for children of Helmholtz Zentrum München employees. The babies and children, who are between eight weeks and school age, are looked after by qualified day care educators. The long opening hours, flexible booking times and the proximity to the workplace at the Neuherberg location make it possible to better reconcile work with family responsibilities. The day care center is run under the auspices of AWO Kreisverband München-Land e.V.

For more information, see the day care center website

Helmholtz Zentrum Healthcare Management: Focus on the Individual

We spend a considerable part of our lives at work. Healthy, productive and motivated employees are essential for the success and competitiveness of our center. That is why we focus on creating healthy work conditions, on strengthening the health awareness of our employees and on promoting and maintaining their job satisfaction and motivation.

  • Center medical service: Employees have access to a Center medical service on campus. It offers mandatory and optional examinations, medical check-ups and also emergency medical care or immunizations.
  • Psycho-social counseling: In work and family stress situations, Helmholtz Zentrum München employees can consult the HZm psycho-social counseling office to receive assistance for mental health problems, psycho-social crises as well as team conflicts.
  • The psycho-social counseling is of course independent and bound to confidentiality.
  • Sports activities, massages: We provide access for our employees to various exercise classes, such as back exercises, yoga and Pilates, as well as massages. The Neuherberg campus also has a football (soccer) field (website of the HZm team ) and a volleyball field.
  • Occupational safety: Through our integrated occupational safety measures we attain safety standards at Helmholtz Zentrum München that enable you to have enjoyable and accident-free work.
  • Reconciliation of work and family life: Through our day care center “ganz schön frech” on the Neuherberg campus, we create optimal conditions for reconciling family and career. In addition, each year we offer an educational, fun-filled “summer campus” for children, which is run by qualified personnel.

Human Resources Development

Our aim is to provide a good introduction and continuous further development for our employees at Helmholtz Zentrum München. That is why we offer introductory courses for new hires as well as extensive training courses for all of our employees.

The promotion and support of young scientists is especially important to us. We assist and provide counseling in career planning, in making presentations and getting published, in writing research and project proposals and in science management.

Similarly, administrative employees will be promoted in their further development and advised in their career planning. We particularly support junior executives and managers in the introduction to their new tasks.

Social Welfare Association

The Social Welfare Association at Helmholtz Zentrum München was established in 1999. It provides its members opportunities to supplement existing social benefits.

Tasks and objectives   

  • Offers of assistance in cases of social hardship
  • Support of members in need, particularly elderly, ill or disabled members
  • Care and support of association members and their family members in social, health or cultural matters  
  • Support of child care at Helmholtz Zentrum München
  • Promotion of sports and leisure activities
  • Promotion and implementation of measures for adult and family recreation

For more information, see the Social Welfare Association website

International Staff Services

International Staff Services is the first contact point at the Helmholtz center for all international researchers. We provide advice and practical support regarding the preparation and realization of your research stay at the Helmholtz Zentrum München.

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