Scientific Services

Irradiation Services

We provide several irradiation units with Co-60 or Cs-137 sources covering a dose rate range of approximately 1 – 500 Gy/h (May 2015). Irradiations at lower dose rates are possible at the x-ray, beta, and gamma sources of the Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory.

Virtual Human Database

Bereitstellung von Konversionskoeffizienten und virtuellen Menschmodellen im Download-Portal 

Virtual Human Database

Virtual Human Phantoms

European Program Package for the Calculation of Aviation Route Doses (EPCARD)

With this computer program you may calculate online the dose which you would receive along a specified flight due to cosmic radiation. Additionally, you may determine the dose which is accumulated during a stay of one hour at any flight position in the atmosphere.

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Radioanalytic Laboratory

The task of the Radioanalytic Laboratory of the Institute of Radiation Protection is the operation of radioanalytical instruments and the development of radioanalytical methods with focus on low-level analysis.

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Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL): Calibration, Irradiation and Quality Control

In our IAEA/WHO SSDL, we provide dosimetric measurements and calibrations traceable to the German primary standards of the PTB in Braunschweig.

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