Research at the Department of Radiation Sciences is performed with many national and international cooperation partners:

Cooperations with Universities, Agencies and Research Centers

Cooperations with Industry

Third Party Fundings

Projects coordinated by the DRS:

  • EpiRadBio: combines epidemiology and radiobiology to investigate cancer risks at low doses.
    EU-funding, 9,5 Mio €
    Coordination: Dr. Peter Jacob
  • GENRISK-T: Genetic risk of radiation induced thyroid cancer.
    EU-funding, 3,0 Mio €
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Atkinson
  • HARMONE: Harmonising Modelling Strategies of European Decision Support Systems for Nuclear Emergencies.
    EU-funding, 0,17 Mio €
    Coordination: Dr. Jan-Christian Kaiser
  • TransAqua: Transfer of radionuclides in aquatic ecosystems.
    BMBF-funding (KVSF), 1,58 Mio. €
    Coordination: Dr. Jochen Tschiersch
  • PASSOS: Personalised estimation of long-term effects after radiation exposure and orientation guide for radiation therapies in medicine.
    BMBF-funding, 2,8 Mio €
    Coordination: Dr. Peter Jacob
  • ProCardio: Cardiovascular risk from exposure to low-dose and low-dose-rate ionizing radiation.
    EU-funding, 5,5 Mio. €
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Mike Atkinson


Projects with DRS participation:

  • VAO: Virtual Alpine Observatory.
    Bay. StMUG-funding, 0,27 Mio €
    Coordination: Umweltforschungsstation Schneefernerhaus GmbH
  • PIMMS: Breath gas analysis with mice in the frame of diabetes research.
    EU(Marie Curie)-funding, 0,23 Mio €
    Coordination: University of Birmingham


EU-platforms with DRS participation:

  • EJP CONCERT: A European Strategy for Radiation Protection Research
    EU-funding, 27,5 Mio. €
  • OPERRA: Open Project for European Radiation Research Area.
    EU-funding, 9,5 Mio. €
  • EURADOS: European Radiation Dosimetry Group
  • MELODI: Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative
  • DoReMi: Low dose research towards multidisciplinary integration.
    EU-funding, 5,4 Mio. €

Klinische Kooperationsgruppen

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