Campaigns around type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is the most common metabolic disease in childhood and adolescence. Unfortunately, few people know about this dangerous condition and consequently its symptoms often go unrecognized. It is our goal to change this and enable early detection and early treatment.

Since the disease can affect anyone, we aim to generate more awareness of type 1 diabetes and the possibilities of early detection.

The campaign "A World Without 1" represents our studies and projects that aim to delay or even prevent type 1 diabetes in children.


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Dialogue campaign 2019

A Germany wide campaign around World Diabetes Day on November 14, with "The Bachelor" protagonist Daniel Völz and hockey player Timur Oruz.

Awareness campaign 2019

A Germany wide campaign in spring 2019 with 500 posters in Munich, Berlin, Hanover, and Dresden and over 560 info screens throughout Germany.

What is A World Without 1?

A World Without 1 represents the efforts of numerous research institutions to achieve a world without type 1 diabetes. Our research focus is to identify an increased risk of type 1 diabetes or early-stage type 1 diabetes and to explore ways of preventing the disease.
Many academic research institutions and clinics support A World Without 1. The Helmholtz Zentrum München is responsible for this project.

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How can I support A World Without 1?

Thank you very much for helping us to achieve our goal of a world without type 1 diabetes! Besides participating in one of our studies, you can also support us financially and make a one-time or regular donation. A donation to A World Without 1 is charitable and tax-deductible. Your donation goes directly into type 1 diabetes research and finances, for example, study centers, personnel, or laboratory equipment.

The mission "A World Without 1" needs your support.

We research. We develop. We fight. Numerous studies ensure that the causes of type 1 diabetes are better understood today, and there is hope that one day we can prevent the disease. But until then, we need further extensive research.

Support our research! With your one-time or regular donation, you make a valuable contribution on the way to a world without 1!

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