Scientific Focus

    Research at the Institute of Genetic Epidemiology (IGE) focuses on planning, realization and analysis of projects regarding the identification of genetic factors responsible for complex traits. This involves application, further development and implementation of a variety of biostatistics and bioinformatics methods to address specific aspects such as rare genetic variants, mitochondrial DNA, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions, family studies, and the handling of population structures. The elucidation of disease-relevant genetic factors and further 'omics markers as well as their inclusion into models of disease risk provides the basis of individualized approaches to treatment or prevention.


  • The KORA-gen platform (KORA.PASST) provides access to datasets with genetic and other omics data as well as phenotypes of the KORA cohort.


  • New DFG-funded project regarding the analysis of the mitochondrial genome. More ...

    Genetic analysis with families: To what degree can disease probabilities be estimated from genetic data in families? More ...